Added: Feb 14, 2022

Dan Cronin Endorsement of Gary Grasso for Congress – IL 6th District


Hi, I’m Dan Cronin, Chairman of the DuPage County Board and former Chairman of the DuPage County Republican Organization. I have come to know and work with Gary Grasso as a Mayor of Burr Ridge and as a Member of the DuPage County Board for six years. I enthusiastically endorse Gary Grasso for Congress from the new Illinois 6th District. Here’s why:

In 2014, while he was a County Board Member, I appointed Gary as Chairman of DuPage’s 911 Board. The DuPage 911 Board is the largest single 911 service area in the State of Illinois – responsible for providing emergency police and fire services to almost 1 million residents. Gary was Chairman of the 911 Board from 2014 to 2018.

During those 4 years he oversaw the building of not one – but two – state-of-the-art call centers – that today quickly direct our first responders to emergencies throughout DuPage County.

For one of those call centers, Gary also repurposed and refurbished an unused building which now brings in over $600,000 annually in rent to the County budget.

I have also known Gary as Mayor of Burr Ridge. Gary’s leadership has transformed Burr Ridge into a leading community serving residents in DuPage and Cook Counties with fiscal responsibility…something we desperately need in Washington.

Gary oversaw the building of its Village Center in Cook County and has been a leader in consolidation of government… something I, too, have championed in Illinois. Gary served as President of the DuPage Mayors & Managers Association and also served 12 years on the DuPage Board of Health. Most recently, he was a regional leader in the fight against COVID, keeping businesses and restaurants open and protecting small businesses.

Gary will bring his skills and record of accomplishments to Washington D.C. and represent all of us – not just the special interests. Gary knows how to get things done for you.

I endorse Gary Grasso for Congress in the Illinois 6th District and ask you to give him your vote so together, we can make Washington work for all of us once again.


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