Added: Feb 14, 2022

Dan Webb Endorsement of Gary Grasso for Congress – IL 6th District


​Hello, this is Dan Webb.  I am the former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois that includes Chicago and the surrounding collar counties. I also have recently been the court appointed special prosecutor in the Jessie Smollet case.  As someone who has spent years protecting individuals by prosecuting those who refuse to abide by the law, I can think of no one else I would rather endorse for the privilege of serving in the United States Congress than Gary Grasso.

Gary is running for Congress in the new IL 6th District.  I live in the Burr Ridge, which is in the District, for 15 years and have witnessed firsthand the kind of extraordinary leadership and dedication Gary has provided to our community.

I have also known and worked with Gary as an attorney, litigator and a friend.  and let me tell you this- He has earned the designation of being an Illinois Leading Lawyer on three separate occasions.

I am convinced Gary understands that government’s first responsibility is to keep people and property safe.  Gary has made police services and protecting Our community a top priority.  And what is very important is that Gary is a consensus builder and is committed to working with others to solve problems – which is something that is desperately needed in government today.  We need more individuals such as Gary in Washington to get things done – to break the gridlock.  You can count on Gary to do just that for all of us in Washington.

So I support and wholeheartedly endorse Gary Grasso for Congress in the new 6th District of Illinois.  I am now asking you to do the same and vote for Gary in the Republican primary in June.

Thank you.


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