Added: Feb 14, 2022

Jim Durkin Endorsement of Gary Grasso for Congress – IL 6th District


Hello, this is House Republican Leader Jim Durkin.  I am proud to endorse my friend and Mayor of Burr Ridge Gary Grasso for Congress in the new Illinois 6th District.

The 6th District includes much of southwestern Cook and southeastern DuPage County.  I too serve Burr Ridge as part of my House District and I have personally known and worked with Gary.  We need strong fiscal leadership in Washington to stop the out of control spending that threatens our children and grandchildren of their legacy for the American Dream.  

I also know something about the single greatest concern in IL – public safety.  I am an attorney and former prosecutor.  Gary will stand up for victims of crime and our first responders in Congress.

​I’m voting for Gary Grasso for Congress and ask you to do the same.


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