Added: Mar 05, 2022

Ukraine: We Must Protect Democracy and Sovereignty

I wholeheartedly support Ukraine and its people in their fight to stay free from Putin’s unprovoked invasion. Putin has proven he is a thug who has earned and deserves our scorn. He is killing innocents including children and destroying a country without justification. We must resolve to fight and reject Putin.

The United Nations should do more than pass resolutions that Putin simply spurns. It should consider deploying a peace keeping force to assure that refugees and citizens are protected and provided safe passage if they choose to flee the possible coming tyranny.

As a precursor to establishing the United Nations in 1946, many of the founding nations met in London in 1941 during WWII to issue what became the Declaration of St. James Palace which contained this core principle: “That the only true basis of enduring peace is the willing co-operation of free peoples in a world in which, relieved of the menace of aggression, all may enjoy economic and social security; and that it is their intention to work together, and with other free peoples, both in war and peace to this end.”

Soviet Ukraine and the Soviet Union were among the many original members of the United Nations, a term coined by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which was founded upon a statement from the leaders of the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union at the Yalta Conference in February 1945: “We are resolved,” the three leaders declared, “upon the earliest possible establishment with our Allies of a general international organization to maintain peace and security….”  Not only has Putin disregarded what is right and decent by ordering the invasion of Ukraine, he has thrown away and smeared the role Russians played in establishing the United Nations by doing exactly what the United Nations is chartered to reject.

Ukraine and its brave people deserve your wholehearted support in their fight to stay free from Putin and his unprovoked invasion. Let us be a beacon, like Lady Liberty, for all people and light-up and show all that is wrong about Putin.  He deserves the scorn of the world for killing and permanently injuring innocents, including children, and destroying a country without justification.    We must resolve to fight and reject Putin and all he represents.

March 5, 2022


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